Recommended Options Analysis tools?

Discussion in 'Options' started by escrow, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. escrow


    Are there any free/cheap Options Analysis tools out there? I am looking for something on the lines of Optionetics Platinum where you can try out various spread combinations to get the best risk/rewards except I don't want to pay $100/month

    OptionsVue seems quite expensive.

    I use IB to trade options and just pull up the various legs of the trade to figure out the combinations.

  2. cdowis


    Open a small account in TOS. The tools on their platform are great.
  3. You can paper trade for a month without even funding an account.
  4. Nanook


    Have not tried the product but looks interesting:
  5. TOS has an excelent option analysis tool.
  6. OX (options Xpress) has some cool stuff too!

    Don't waste your money on optionetics anything. It's all a crock of s*it.
  7. hmmm.....I have been considering checking them out but hesitant.
  8. OptionsXpress has improved and added some nice tools but Thinkorswim has the analyzer where you see your position live with Greeks and combine it with other positions or compare it. I think this is where OX has been lacking lately.
  9. escrow


    I am evaluating OptionStar. Costs 300 bucks, no data fees. Seems to be doing a lot of good work including finding best spread combos, i am just not too comfortable with the presentation in Excel..too much info crammed into a page.

    Heard a very nice sales pitch from a OptionVue rep, but the initial cost is 2K
  10. Save yourself thousands of dollars and get "options as a strategic investment" - book $35.

    Basically all they do is read you the book. :mad: OR get an older version of it on Ebay. But I would just stay away from them.
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