Recommended course or books to learn Emini day or swing trading

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by tetuan01, Feb 2, 2008.

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    I am an absolute newbie when ti comes to trading Emini futures. Any suggestions on courses, seminars and/or books to get me started?

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  3. I have not been to the expo show in New York but I would think thats as good of place to see whats available as any other place to start.

    starts in a couple of weeks

    do a search on "New York traders expo" and you will find it
  4. Mastering the Trade by John Carter has information on how to trade e-mini futures.
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    Watch every freaking tick for few months. Half hour breaks allowed.

    P.S.Unrealistic advice since it's very good chance you are not going to be willing to do that. Instead you will be searching for "easier"ways to fortune. But, in reality, there is no substitute.
  8. Do not follow john carters advice or methods

  9. Stay away from PureSchtick. They have an amazing lack of maturity, anyone who challenges their claims is subjected to name-calling by them, if you can believe it!

    They are unwilling to submit to independent auditing, because they know they don't work. And you should worry that they use an alias with 1 post to pimp their system.