Recommended Commodities Charting Service?

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  1. Looking for recommendations on a Commodities and Currencies charting service. Thanks.....

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    For free intraday delayed, daily, weekly and monthly I use

    or for not so much functionality

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    I tried the download service for eod (also has some charts on the site that are very good) but could not work out how to get the continuations. looks good but expensive. I am trying out at the moment. Its looking good and very reasonably priced at Australian $30 a month. If you just want US data then look at reuters datalink from
  4. :cool: -ooO-(GoldTrader)-Ooo- Why Seasonals Work.pdf[​IMG]
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    Correct me if i'm getting this wrong but doesn't the chart show a seasonal pattern NOT working given the recent collapse in bonds?

    Or is the expectation that the pattern will begin to play out as per the seasonal from sometime soon?

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    Excellent, lots of self-tailored, charts/functions/indicators.

    Good analysis and articles too.
  7. YM trader

    YM trader

    Using you can view continuous contracts by entering the root symbol followed by 1600 for non-adjusted, or 1700 for adjusted contracts.
  8. futuresource ProNET is the industry standard. It is expensive,
    > $200. If you need quotes, you can use myTrack as
    a cheap alternative. They have all the exchanges as well.
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