Recommended AGP 4x/8x vid card setup to run 3 DVI LCD's?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Syprik, Feb 27, 2008.

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    Don't want to upgrade the entire system quite yet as it does it's job very well. I plan to do a rebuild in 6-months so just need something cheap ($75-150 range) to hold me over until I merge over to a PCI express based setup.

    Current system specs: AMD 3000+ @ 2.6ghz/2gb OCZ PC4200/2 x 36gb 10k SATA Raptors/ATI 9800 w/(1)DVI & (1)VGA output/Antec 430w/Win XP PRO SP2 etc). I only build my systems.

    Currently run two 24" Samsung 245BW's and recently picked up a third.

    What AGP card setup do you guys recommend to get all three running DVI?

    Are there Dual DVI's out there that can split one DVI output to two LCD's (1->2 split cable) and then have the 3rd LCD run off the 2nd DVI output? Or you do you have run a dolly card off the main AGP to get more than 2 running?

    I will be a bit anal about having the center monitor act as the prime monitor, and then be able to move windows left or right in a manner that matches the movement of mouse action (ex. don't want to move a chart to left side of center prime monitor in anticipating a move to the left LCD, yet the opposite happens and chart transfers over to the right LCD). A card with software capable of working this scenario would be most appreciated.

    Tx for help.
  2. People usually run a third monitor via a graphics card that goes into one of your PCI-slots.

    For example, I have a GeForce MX440 PCI slot card that accompanies my dual-output GeForce MX440 AGP card in my old trusty Dell Dimension 8300.

    You can then fine tune your monitors and what they display using the Windows XP multi-monitor feature ( extended desktop ) along with nVidia's "NView" free software application.

    Works fine.
  3. I doubt you will be able to find any AGP boards which will run your 24's in DVI at native... maybe a gamer card... but I'm almost positive there is no such animal for a PCI slot.

    Windows Extended Desktop will allow you to place your monitors where you want in relation to each other.
  4. Did you order that refurb T3400?
  5. Syprik


    Thanks for info on Windows Ext Desktop.

    I run an ATI 9800 PRO on my trading system with excellent performance at native resolution for both 24's.

    Doesn't sound good about PCI and native res, however.
  6. When you build your PCIE machine, get a mobo with at least 2, x16 slots... then you can run 2, Nvidia Qudro NVS 285s or 290s and run the 24's in DVI at native.

    The Nvidia Quadro NVS 280s AGP will run 1920x1200, but only in VGA.
  7. Syprik


    Hey Gnome.

    Thanks for the help. I've been looking high and low for PCI compatible boards, and most, including the one you just mentioned at newegg, only support 1600x1200 digital DVI.

    However looks like I just found the ticket...

    Product Info:

    Read on some comp forums that people are running this at 1920x1200 DVI without issue alongside AGP boards.

    Cheap to boot.
  8. PCI at high resolutions in DVI are few and far between.

    Powercolor is a 3rd Party maker, so once again I caution you about mixing video card drivers... sometimes a disaster in the making. I know they use the ATI graphics engine, but that alone does not guarantee compatibility.