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    I post this new thread because I couldn't find any reliable recommendations on what I am looking for.

    I'm trading with automatic programs only, and I'm looking for a Forex Broker with an API that can send quotes in real time, but not by REST API, with websocket or FIX, for a real-time data feed. If the Broker work with a 3rd Party for the real-time data feed is good too.

    If someone is using a Forex Brokers with a Full API (from real-time data feed, to send/close orders), I would like to know which brokers are the most professional.

    I know that brokers generally have minimum requirements for FIX API, and I couldn't find any brokers with low requirements (almost all ask for a deposit > 25K$), or the one which ask for small deposit (5K$), they don't display much informations about their API, not even the available requests.

    Also, I am not looking for ECN Forex Brokers, I need a broker with no other fees than the Ask/Bid, even if the spread is > 1 pip.

    If anyone can recommend me a good Forex broker that fits my needs, with a minimum deposit < 5K$, or one with which allow demo account that works with the API.

    I would like to try my algorithm.

    Thank you, Malaga
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  2. Interactive?
  3. southall


    IB have 10K account opening requirement and charge commission.

    OandA claim to have various API types including FIX but i have never used them myself (so cant recommend them directly) but here is the link:
  4. Right, I never used Oanda too but at least from what I heard, it is a strong platform for algo traders