Recommendations for good weekly trading research

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  1. Hello all,

    I’m looking for a good trading research service. Here’s my ideal list:

    - Weekly 1 hour webcast (recorded is OK)
    - Cost about $100-200 /year
    - Covers fundamental and technical
    - Covers all markets (US & World) – stocks, bonds, commodities, forex, etc.
    - High level issues/trends (not necessarily hot tips on individual trades)
    - Strong track record

    Any ideas?
    Many thanks in advance!

    And, Happy New Year!
  2. Jack1960


    The Arora Report
  3. Jack1960, thanks for the idea. Which do you like the best - the Allocation Alert? It is a bit more spendy than what I had in mind.

    Any other ideas out there? Thanks.
  4. Jack1960


    I like zyx buy alert. I have reviewed and tried many cheaper services but they simply do not have the strong track record like the arora report. Arora report is always ahead of everyone else and gives me a trading edge. I have quit a few times and gone to different services but I keep on coming back to the arora report after review because I have not found any other investment newsletter that gives me an edge. This time I signed up for the annual plan, it saves some money. The bad thing about the arora report is that they do not offer discounts or promotional prices. It is always the same price. I asked for a black Friday price but they said fixed price.
  5. Bumping. I'm looking at the Arora ZYX Buy Alert. Would you still recommend it? Thanks.
  6. Jack1960


    Yes, I still recommend The Arora Report.
    The Arora Report retrun so far 42%, more than double the market return.
  7. How did Arora perform during the bear market of 2008 and 2009? I have the ZYX Buy Alert and find it invaluable. I'm wondering if I should get the ZYX Short Sell Alert as well. There's some promotion deal going on this week. Thanks.