Recommendations for a daily newspaper in London

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by addict, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. addict


    I'm relatively new in London -- looking for a daily paper with good coverage of markets.

    I've just cancelled my subscription to FT -- had it for about 6 months, and find it unreliable, irrelevant and often irritating.

    WSJ is obviously not an option for morning delivery - any recommendations?

  2. dima777


    i turned to these after
  3. international herald tribune isn't elitist.
  4. Depends on your level of experience and how well you can read between the lines. The Economist & FT print edition are the BEST SOURCE FOR MACRO ITEMS, however some of the articles are often advertisments for some firm (watchout for Markit Group on the Capital Markets Page). Remember these guys are journalists who either worked in the industry and could not cut it, or just people with bills to pay.

    Another great strategy is to fade whatever theme they have on the Investors Chronicle magazine front cover (retail hogwash tipsheet)

    You might also like to try The Telegraph, but its more for middle class people with upper class aspirations, The Times is for lawyers, Guardian for vegetarians and history teachers, Daily Mail/Express for retired middle class old farts.

    P.S. Daily Sport is great to keep on desk, its full of silly quick articles which can lighten your day and give more focus when to turn back to your terminal.
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    The us edition of wsj is available delivered to you in central London.
  6. ctheo1


    hi addict - i would recommend subscribing to investors business daily. the online edition is identical to the print copy. unfortunately the print edition is not available outside the US.