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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Palindrome, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. Palindrome


    I'm looking for software that I can record trades and analyze, backtest etc. I've been using excel for a while, and figured why not pay for something that is good.

    Any recommendations?

    A sponsor recently posted this:

    I liked it, but is there anything comparable?

    Thank you
  2. Felix168


    this looks like a pretty unique offering.

    However, I feel you are looking to combine too much functionality in a single tool. I would personally keep backtesting separate from recording and analyzing trades.

    If you are looking for a backtester... and are a C# coder, have a look at TuringTrader, this is a project that I maintain and use both for research, and for running live trading:

    When it comes to analyzing trade logs, I doubt there are many tools more powerful and convenient than Excel.

    My backtests create Excel workbooks, containing the charts and metrics I want to see. From my live trading, I create CSV files, which I can bring into the backtests, to overlay and combine the two. A little bit of VBA coding goes a long way here. Here is a chart, showing backtest in bright colors, and results from live trading in a darker shade, that I created that way:

    Cheers, Felix
  3. aimaster


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  4. qlai


    This is very nice. The only concern I have is uploading my activity somewhere. I would be much more comfortable if this could've been done locally ... even if I have to see adds prior to seeing the results :)
  5. aimaster


    I am going now to add capability to provide a link to the Google Drive Spreadsheet with trades without need to load a csv file. Maybe there will be local version of the service in more far future.

    But in any case you don't providing any personal information in csv file like account number and etc. And you don't have to create any account to use the service. So data you load to the service completely impersonal data.
  6. qlai


    I don't know what your intent with this is, but I would not upload my trades anywhere. It may not be personal information, but it is still proprietary information afaic. Hope it helps as I like what you did here.
  7. aimaster


    I mean it's not possible to determine owner of uploaded trades. Thank you for your positive feedback.
  8. qlai


    One thing missing for me is Max/Avg Favorable/Adverse Excursion. It would be great if you would allow user to provide two additional *optional* columns - PeriodHigh and PeriodLow. Where period is from previous trade to current trade. I understand this is free, so just a suggestion :)
    P.S. I do similar using spreadsheet, but yours is far more detailed and much easier to generate.
  9. HanSolo


    My opinion is that software like i-maxprofit is going to be a jack of all trades but a master of none. If you need a good trade record keeping program I can recommend and for trading and analysis there are many good ones such as Amibroker, Ninja Trader, MetaTrader etc. I doubt that i-maxprofit will ever be as good as two different specialized programs. That's just my opinion.