Recommendation - Software for trade recording, testing, analysis

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Palindrome, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. Palindrome


    I'm looking for software that I can record trades and analyze, backtest etc. I've been using excel for a while, and figured why not pay for something that is good.

    Any recommendations?

    A sponsor recently posted this:

    I liked it, but is there anything comparable?

    Thank you
  2. Felix168


    this looks like a pretty unique offering.

    However, I feel you are looking to combine too much functionality in a single tool. I would personally keep backtesting separate from recording and analyzing trades.

    If you are looking for a backtester... and are a C# coder, have a look at TuringTrader, this is a project that I maintain and use both for research, and for running live trading:

    When it comes to analyzing trade logs, I doubt there are many tools more powerful and convenient than Excel.

    My backtests create Excel workbooks, containing the charts and metrics I want to see. From my live trading, I create CSV files, which I can bring into the backtests, to overlay and combine the two. A little bit of VBA coding goes a long way here. Here is a chart, showing backtest in bright colors, and results from live trading in a darker shade, that I created that way:

    Cheers, Felix