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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by lasner, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. lasner


    Could anyone make a good book recommendation on Richard Dennis's Turtle trading system.

    Preferably one that taught his system
  2. books on trading are garbage for the most part. They will never walk you through an edge or give you much information to profit in the markets. Most books are outdated.

    If you want to get better understanding of trading, markets, ECNs thats fine "day trading for dummies" will work for general information, but do not expect to buy a book and turn a profit from the context of the book.
  3. You need to search google for turtle rules

    I don't recommend trading in todays Market however, you would need millions to diversify the contracts out to the right position size, and breakouts are a phenomenon of the 1970s....not todays trading ranges..
  4. RobertG


    I agree because for the most part you are right, but there are some books that have value in them.

    When I was a beginner I used to re-read the hard parts, which was the biggest mistake. I am not sure if the authors knew what they were talking about themselves.

    Skip the hard, get to the method in every book. No book will teach you how to trade, but bits and pieces from all resources will help.
    Get a Latte, go to barnes and noble, and start skim through the one's you like.
  5. I'm waiting for the plug...:)
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