Recommendation for Pit Traded Futures Options Broker

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by white_zombie, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    Can somebody recommend a good futures options broker ?

    I find most of the big futures brokerages don't support floor traded futures options for CBOT(c,w,sm,bo,o), NYBOT(cc,kc,ct), NYMEX(gc,si,pl,pa) like IB etc.

    I use optionsxpress/xpresstrade and they are really bad in handling though they support futures options for all floor traded ones.


  2. Chriz


    Im with RCG and happy with them. You might want to check out their retail devision called Sweetfutures

    Maybe Alaron offers futures on options as well, but not sure about it.
  3. check out manduca trading -- they might be able to help you out
  4. nolajy


    You should open an account with MF Global. They have numerous resources for options on all exchanges around the world. The recent wheat incident was ISOLATED and the fall out is over.. look at the stock.. what a bargain at 14 on friday.. it hit 20 today. Options express etc don't have a fraction of the capital of MF Global.

    Laslty, you should get a give up agreement approved with your FCM and then you can use any floor brokers you want in any pit.
  5. what sort of platform do they use? do you have to phone in pit orders or can you enter right from the computer?

    do they only do grains or do they also handle livestock? thanks for info.:)
  6. I've used for my brief stint into futures options. Full service account here, but they do offer self directed of course. Have to say, I'm happy, but I haven't done but a couple of executions.