Recommend some hiking book brands

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  1. Does anybody have some hiking boot brands they love?

    I need some new light/midweight boots. And I havent shopped for them in a long time.

    My mileage is low right now. Like 4-5 miles a day in easy terrain so i`ve been wearing running shoes mostly. But i`m picking it up a notch and want to start training for a long, grueling one day hike so its important I train in the right gear.

  2. Sure, buying hiking boots on ebay was a hobby of mine for a while.
    I say a while, because it took a few efforts to get "the" perfect fit.......luckily, i knew a park ranger who managed to move maybe 5+ pairs, actually made a profit on 'em:D

    The keepers, were Raichle-forgotten the model, but quite lightweight (not full leather )and SUPER comfy. Great for a broader /wide foot.
    They are now marketed as "Mammut", the parent company renamed the division. A lot of people complain about the toughness/quality, but nobody complains about the comfort. Could wear mine all day.

    If you have a very narrow foot/higher arch, Asolo are excellent-pricey, but excellent.

    I have an all leather pair of older Garmont's, which are fantastic-tough, comfortable (remember i have a very broad foot) the assymmetric tongue gimmick really really works to.
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  4. Yeah, I keep forgetting you yanks have all this stuff supercheap from cabela's/sierra trading etc.

    I'm in oz, hence the buying brand hiking stuff from ebay.

    La Sportiva, Scarpa, Merrill,I have no experience with.

    As a side note, for basic walking/light hiking, I also have a pair of caterpillar "active alaska" boots, also from ebay.

    I shit you not, they are the most comfortable general walking shoes (for full leather) I have ever owned; Light hikers, whatever these shoe joint tell you, these can do it all.....with the corollary that caterpillar boots have been owned by pacific brands for a while now, (the same company that destroyed mongoose bmx, and who knows how many other brand names) in one fell swoop.

    But, I would still go for Cat's, despite not being a "hiking" brand.

    Comfortable, and....comfortable.
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    Cats and Asolo look interesting , thanks for the reviews.
  6. Excellent stuff fellas! That should get me started.

    This march i`m looking do to will be mostly paved road, sidewalks and easy trails. So light hikers are the choice probably. But long distance. I want to hike 25+ miles in one day by September. And I have loftier goals after that...but that number scares me to even type right now.

    Baby steps. :D

    Either of you two hike long distances?
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  8. I screwed up the thread title - Meant to say Hiking boot brands.

    (trading and message board surfing dont mix)

    Thanks for the reply though! :D

  9. I know, i was just being a wise ass. :D :p
  10. as someone who lives in the mountians and hikes i would say those "active alaska" boots might be comfortable but for mountian hiking you want more ankle protection. twisting your ankle on rocky trals is a problem so you want a full length boot for ankle support.
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