Recommend me a good broker

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by crazytrader1, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. I plan on doing option trading on index's generally the weeklys. I trade intraday, not necessarily scalping, but definitely no overnight positions. I also want to trade the e mini futures, and possible options on futures.

    I don't trade spreads(maybe a straddle here and there), nor do I ever write options. I quit using scottrade, although trading weekly options intraday with them wasn't bad, last monday i think they had some IT problems.

    So to sum it up I will be doing:
    Intraday options
    E mini futures
    Possibly options on futures as well

    I'm not going to scalp so I don't necessarily completely need a direct access broker, although preferred..

    Help me out a bit guys :)
  2. IB or MBtrading.
  3. Does MB trading have the complete package needed for a stock trader?
  4. Yes, used to have an account with them. I was mostly swing trading. You may want to use e-signal for reliable intra day quotes.
  5. i read up about IB but i heard a lot of flack on the reviews here on elite trader...

    IB Is out, i can't trade them, i have to be 21 to open an account with them :(
  6. also another thing that would be good is low day margin for futures.
  7. No better IB or Broker out there for futures and options on futures that Pat over at Novus.... Many Markets and good service.
  8. We have a rating service for this.

    On the main page on the left. Browse there a little.

    Your Welcome.:)