Recommend free CD-DVD burning software?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by bungrider, May 6, 2004.

  1. Hi all,

    I just got a new DVD burner, my first one.

    I'd been using nero v5 in the past with my old cd burner, but it's a few years old (despite working like a champ the whole time) and does not recognize my new DVD writer, which is a drag.

    I tried nero ultra 6316 burning rom, and absolutely hated it due to the way it parses CD-text when burning audio WAV files.

    Is there any open source software (or even something free, as long as its not in java) you guys know of that you recommend?

    I scoped, and found a couple of kewl-looking freebies, and was wondering if anyone tried any of them??

  2. Don't know about "open source" - I don't mind paying for quality software that does what I need it to do.

    I use Roxio for burning CDs and DVDs - handles both music and data CDs and video and data DVDs easily, is very easy to use, has drag and drop and file context menu options, and handles management/mods of RW discs too. Also have DvdXcopy for burning backup copies of video DVDs.
  3. CHeck out DVD Shrink for making backups, it's free!
  4. From what I understand, the program "DvdXcopy" (and all their variants)no longer include the "ripper" to enable copies of Macrovision encoded commercial DVD's since 321 Studios got sued and lost in Federal court. The model numbers now show an "rf" after all their software, meaning "ripper free".

    I use "DVD Shrink 3.1" (free) to rip, size, edit the crap out, decode Macrovision, and ready things for burning.

    The tutorial for it's use it here.

    And for the free burner I use "BurnatOnce" available here.

    The tutorial for BurnatOnce is available at the same site as the first tutorial.

    I have had very few "coasters" using these programs, simple but powerful shareware to make PERFECT digital clones of commercial DVD's with Dolby Digital or DTS intact. :)

    Buy the Memorex $10 labeling program and some jewel boxes (Walmart). Happy ripping and burning!
  5. True - my copy of the program predates that though - it's the full platinum version
  6. coops

    coops - is a free dvd decrypter..takes out any copyrighting malarkey, then use say Intervideo DVD copy to copy the decrypted files. Works fine. DVDcopy can also save to DivX files etc so you can keep on your hard disk in a compressed format.