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Discussion in 'Economics' started by Arnie, Jul 2, 2006.

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    Looking for a book or books on economics. Something for the lay person whithout a college/financial background. Especially interested in understanding money supply and international economics. Thanks
  2. Allow me to save you ~30 bucks.-------Chapter-1: When stock prices are making new-highs, money supply and international economics are okay. When stock prices are making lows, money supply and international economics are in disarray. The End.
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    Anything by Thomas Sowell
  5. Jesus Christ, Karl Marx? The guy wants an overview of economics; why would you suggest such a monumental waste of time as that?

    Just get any intermediate level macroeconomics books. Gregory Mankiw has a very highly praised one. Just search for his name at Also, Economics: Private and Public Choice, by James Gwartney, is good. I used it for my CFA exams.
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    I agree with the previous post. Anything by Gwartney and Macpherson is a good start. I had David Macpherson as a Microeconomics professor at FSU and I remember his book as being very good, although I can't find the specific one he used on Amazon.
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    Thanks guys.

    Wasn't that Marx guy in show business? I think he had two brothers. :D
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