Recommend a way to scan???

Discussion in 'Trading' started by SGD, Feb 19, 2002.

  1. Neil


    I am trialing vectorvest at the moment... just started.. seems pretty good so far. You can do end of day scans for almost anything as far as I can tell.. costs about $40 per mth if you subscribe.

    Any one else tried it? There is an active message board on yahoo clubs which seem full of people who do use it to some degree of satisfaction but I am yet to decide.

    It does give buy/sell/hold recs which I am not inclined to believe for a minute.. but the value ratings etc look interesting and you can use it to sort stocks into many groups of behaviour patterns.. such as refered to in the first post... ie. stocks up 4 days in a row.. and also some technical patterns...

    Would like to know if anyone else has tried it here

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  2. T/A_Bo


    After trying all kinds of scans and timesavers, I keep coming back to my manual scanning. I look at a giant watch list with the S&P500 Naz 100 biotech, sox. About 800+ charts. I flip through these manually, which takes about 1.5-2 hours. After this runthrough I have 15-20 stocks to trade the next day. In addition to finding stocks the scans miss, this manual scan gives me a great feel for market direction. I'be looked at the Naz (QQQ) and S&P (SPY) chart by chart. This gives you a strong sense about where the line of least resistance is.

    It's work, but for me well worth it and part of my daily routine.

    Good luck and Good trading,

    -Bo Yoder
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  3. Brandonf

    Brandonf ET Sponsor

    I would have to agree with Bo, for me manual scanning is the way to go. I have programmed things in before, but the end result is that I dont have the feel for the market I do when I manually scan. Flippin charts is good for a traders soul :)

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  4. Neil


    Bo and brandon... you both make good points.. I agree really.. so far have just used scans to group stocks into similar patterns to save time depending upon what I am looking for at the time.. but then I spend ages and ages just flipping through the charts.. until my eyes go blurred usually... lol

    Nothing beats that I am sure... except maybe the old timers who would draw their own charts.. hmmm.. I don't think that is for me.. charting programs and dishwashers... progress is a wunnerful thing..

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  5. jperl


    Since we are on the subject of scanning-anyone have a good site for intraday stock scanning. I am looking for ways to find stocks that show up(or down) gaps during the day on a 5 or 10 minute chart.
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  6. Rigel


    TraderBot will do it.
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  7. jperl


    I tried traderbot several weeks ago hoping they would have the gap trade setup. In there power search, all I could find was a search for gaps starting from the open, not from any point during the day. Has this changed since I last looked?
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  8. Rigel


    Your probably right. I haven't used it for a while. There are a whole bunch of real-time scans you can do there though. Seems like you could cobble something together that would find the gaps when they happen.:)
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  9. T/A Bo,

    Better have a superfast connection to scan 800 charts!! every day. I don't know how you do it in 2 hours. I scan a watchlist of less than 100 stocks and it takes me at least half an hour (I am on cable).
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