Recommend a Trading chair

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  1. For 10 years been sitting on a $500 Superior office mid back task chair, 10 hours per day. It has seen better days, the cushion and cylinder are shot.

    Tried a few chairs at the box stores like Office Depot, Staples etc...they are real low grade chairs.

    Bought the $199 Lane black leather executive chair at Costco and brought it back, almost cut off circulation to my legs because of seat cushion pressure under thighs while using my keyboard.

    So, anybody have any rec's for a good high back task chair?????

    Leather or Cloth????

    I am 6'5" about 240 lbs.............

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  3. aeron all the way.
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    How many aeron lumber supports have you been through? I broke a couple and gave up on them . Has anybody tried the new type lumber support?
  5. A cheapy from Office Depot imported from China...lifetime guarantee...I'm on my second one (returned the first one after using it a loooong time).

    I have better uses for my money....

    But that is just know I drive a 1990 Ply...Voy...sim..wood grain...sid...

    You can do the Costco thing and get a Lane chair and return it every 6 months :)

    Michael B.
  6. STAND.

    I have a stand up work station.

    No sitting in trading. :D
  7. I stand also, although I'd rather sit. I have a sciatic nerve problem wjhen I sit.

    I've tried numerous chairs, unfortunately, none of em work. I'd pay a fortune for one that would.
  8. Has anyone tried that ergonomic stool-type thing? I think the design is Scandanavian. Your knees rest on pad and your butt sits so that you are automatically straight, correct posture it seems, but their is no back support, as the stool/chair posture puts you in a postition so that you don't need back support. Damn can't find a picture. I am a sloucher and need to improve my posture.
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