Recommend a retail broker with algo in/out?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by empee, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. empee



    Can anyone recommend a broker that has algos that allow you to algo in/out instead of market orders?

    Thanks, I'm already with IB and want to switch.
  2. def

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    IB does offer many Algos and additional ones are on the way as well.

    One note, I assume you're comment about leaving is related to the poor fill you received for a market order on open for an odd lot on the open. That isn't the brokers fault as the broker can only submit the order according to the guidelines issued by the client. In any event, good luck with the route you choose.
  3. empee


    Hi Def;

    Thanks for the repsonse. yes I'm moving from IB -- its not just this occassion, there is a myriad of transgressions Iso I'm moving what I can to other brokers. I emotionally dont even want to ever call IB again :)
  4. ghoul


    Most brokes support algos, but each one has its own list and they would apply the name "algo" to quite different things. What algos you are looking at, exactly?