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  1. Hi guys. I've developed a great swing trading strategy in which I'll hold from 3 to 10 days. In a months time, It'll generate on average 15-40 trades. $5,000 position sizes, 4% per position stop loss, and a $50,000 account..........that means scottrades $7 per trade is killing my bottom line.

    I'm looking for a per share broker. With $5,000 positions, commissions will be slim with a per share broker.

    Kicker is, I do this while at work, and need a web-based broker. I can't use the software, as I can't download anything. Scottrade has worked fine before b/c I wasn't trading all that much. Now it needs to go.

    Anybody have any recommendations ?
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  3. I thought you had to use their software, and needed to put a security chip in to the computer in order to log in ?

    I cannot do any of that stuff while at work.
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    no security chip, + you can do it webbased or logging in using a java platform which also works webbased
    the third possibility is having their software installed on your computer but I understand this is not a viable solution for you.