recommend a live stock screener

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by dafishman, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. I am looking for a live stock screener that will allow me to setup different settings and alert me if the conditions are met.

    Trade Ideas is one thought, anything better then that out there for opening stuff?
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    there are only hogs and cattles. I am not sure if you need a screener to do this.
  3. Very clever.... at first glance I assumed you only traded commodities, therefore, no need for a "stock" screener. Then suddenly I saw the subtlety in your reply "live stock"
    Thanks for the laugh....:)
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    They have one at
  5. try the search function at the top right of this screen.

    This topic has been discussed over and over and over.

    BTW I tried trade-ideas and didn't like it even though lots of people seem to rave about it. Certain of their screen definitions are not transparant, you don't know exactly how the stocks are filtered. Not good enough for me.

    I use Tradestions Radar Screen and love it. You can exactly define the screen parameters yourself. But you have to be a customer of TS brokerage to get it for free. I'm NOT and so I pay a fairly hefy monthly fee.
  6. I use TI, am a fan. I disagree with the TradeStation guy because like anything out there you just have to read the directions. All the alerts and filters in TI are explained in detail and supported by video help. It is a different system to TradeStation so you can't do everything in TI that you can in TS. But at the very very least TI watches all the stocks on all exchanges all the time tick for tick. With TradeStation you have 1000 symbol limitation which just does not cut it for the professional in my opinion. But I do like the charting in TS.