Recommend A Laptop...For Trading Of Course

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by hanzahar, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. I'll Be Using The Laptop For Heavy Surfing And Trading

    The Laptop Will Be On Maybe 12-18 Hours Daily

    What Kind Of Specs Do I Need?

    2GB Ram?

    What Makes A Laptop Run Smoothly As I Am A Really-Really Heavy Internet Surfer With Trading Platform Open & Music Player...And Also Instant Messengers :D

    Need To Know What Specs Should Be Sufficient

    Thanks Alot...
  2. lenovo t61p, very very reliable machine. Core2Duo 2.2-2.4Ghz, 2GB ram, Quadro video.
  3. try to avoid vista, and opt for XP pro, will be supported for next 5-years... I regret my Vista choice and am reformatting back to XP for my operating system...
  4. vista not stable?
  5. resource hungry, and found compatability issues with some peripherals and software. I also believe that tradestation may have some conflicts as well... (do not run tradestation, read in previous posts).

    I am running Duo 2 core with 4 gig of RAM and 2 ea. Nvidea 256mb dual head video cards. I have only installed MS office suite, adobe pro 8.1 and Norton Security. My resource monitor displays. 2.75 Gig of available memory... IMHO that appears very hungry.... I have had three fatal error shutdowns in the first 10-days of installation....

    I do not see any major improvements over XP, other than some minor graphic effects and thumbnails for minimized programs... really just fluff...

    It may work for some, however, I prefer the reliability XP pro has provided over the years.