recommend a good e mini broker in canada

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  1. A friend in canada is interested in geting into trading . Can any one recommend a broker with low fees located in canada for day trading the eminis ?

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    int brokers
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    Interactive Broker (IB) is probably the cheapest in Canada.

    you can try with
    Ask for Dwayne Paul. He can get you decent rates but not as low
    as IB. They had a platform with PFG and it was shity.
    And for the CTS platform(very good) they could not get this platform to Canadian customers, weird. It was over a year ago.
    Maybe they made changes and granted access to Canadians nowadays.

    But why stick to Canada?

    You'll find better rates in the US of A.

    My current broker:

    Rock solid trading platform T4 from CTS.
    No freeze, no jam and haven't seen any significant down time
    They accept Canadian too.
    It's harder and harder for Canadians to open a trading account in the US.

    Call them all and tell us which one is your pick.

  4. If your friend is a Canadian citizen and wants his funds protected, IB is the only solution.
  5. I'm in Canada and use Interactive Brokers. A YM trade will cost less than $5.00 round trip.
  6. how do you deal with the taxes ? Is there a canadian branch of
    IB or is everything done from the US . What sort of documents do you get from them at the end of the year ?
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    Forex-forex doesn't have to deal with taxes cause he doesn't make any

    but hey guy I am in Vancouver, come see me I will help you out, PM me, I live in Burnaby
  8. I use Tradestation
  9. How much now required to open an account as an individual. Few years they were asking only $2000 but now I heard $10000 min to open the account. Is it right?