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  1. What kind of office chair are you guys using? I have a Herman Miller Aeron and think it's an over-rated POS. You guys have any recommendations?
  2. One that I got for free!

    Padded seat and back, no arm rests. I like it that way; it doesn't smack my desk when I scoot up close.
  3. I have a really comfortable Steelcase Amia, blows the Aeron away!

    There is a warehouse that has surplus office furniture and closeouts in LIC, NY.

    He sells stuff for about .50 on the dollar, some new with tags some lightly used.
  4. GregoryG


    where is it?
    i've been looking for one
  5. 48-02 48th ST
    LIC, NY 11377


    Matthew is the guy that runs it.
    It's 5 minutes from the bridge.
  6. ATLien


    I love my Aeron, but the Steelcase models are great too.
  7. I'll have to find a store that sells those in Chicago so I can try it out. I gave the Aeron to my dad and am currently in an even shittier chair so need to buy something ASAP
  8. Oh and according to the x-rays taken at Chiro One (chiropractors), my neck is severely f*cked from 10+ years of office work, and my spine is a bit off too. that stuff legit? I'm gonna setup an appointment with another chiropractor to get a 2nd opinion
  9. chiropractors are mostly quacks. they peddle a lot of snake oil.
  10. i use cheapy because i throw and break it often :)
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