Recommend a Card for rig

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by frankyman, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. frankyman


    Getting a Dell T3500. Just for gaming.

    Running 4 22' monitors. Heres my choice of cards :

    1. Two 256MB Nvidia NVS 295 - 2 DP (2DP-DVI adapter)Graphics Cards

    2. Two 256MB ATIFirePro V3750 - 2DP, 1DVI (1DP-DVI,1DVI-VGA adapter)Graphics Card

    3. Two 512MB Nvidia Quadro FX580 - 2 DP, 1DVI (1DP-DVI,1DVI-VGA adapter) Graphics Card

    Would appreciate ure recommendations.
  2. Color graphic predator pro was the sheet back in the day
  3. Does a Dell T3500 have at least (2) available PCI-e slots to accommodate your vid cards?
  4. frankyman


    Yes it does
  5. 1. If you intend to run "only" 4 monitors, the NVS 295s are perfect.

    2. The V3750 and FX580 have fans... better to avoid them in a trading environment.

    3. If you decide to run >4 monitors, you can run NVS 295 x1s in your T3500's x8 slots.
  6. More PCIE slots, but not more x16 slots... only 2.
  7. You should be looking for a deal from Dell Outlet... otherwise, too costly.
  8. frankyman


    Appreciate your advice.