Recommend a Broker with Patsystems

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by paulnr, Nov 19, 2001.

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    Can anyone recommend a broker which uses patsystems software with good telephone support.

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  4. I use PMB through Global Futures (IB). I'm quite pleased with the software and commissions are not too bad either. There is the ocassional freeze during fast markets but it is not too bad.

  5. Shouldn't this thread be in the futures section? It could use the volume.
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    Hi folks,

    I read so many sad stories in regards Interactive broker's system went down yesterday 11/19/01.
    Do you have problem with PMB or eLocal like that ? and what about the customer service supports you ?
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    No problems yesterday on eLocal. See my other post about on a different thread about the commissions. They are somewhat higher than IB depending on how many contracts you are trading. However, the customer support is excellent. I can quickly get them on the phone, and there's no additional charge to place an order by phone instead of through J-Trader. For me, it's been valuable backup.

    I think that each trader has to decide what that phone support is worth based on his/her trading style. Will the slightly higher cost be offset by the cost of these "events" like yesterday?
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    brich: “Do you have problems with PMB or eLocal like that?”

    I believe that PMB’s version of J-Trader (PropTrader) has gone down on me once or twice. I honestly can’t remember because I’ve had no difficulty exiting my positions when necessary. Therefore, those occurrences really don’t stick in my mind.

    As def correctly mentioned elsewhere, software and hardware difficulties are part of our business and no broker is immune. The protocols that are in place for such emergencies, though, are what separate the desirable firm from the risky.

    From what DaveN says, it sounds like either broker will adequately meet the needs of most traders.

    “…what about the customer service?”

    I have had no problems with the PMB trade desk. They are fast and efficient.

    Software support is a little weak, though. This can be important, at first, as you may need someone to talk with more than once while you are familiarizing yourself with J-Trader.
  9. What does PMB's commission schedule look like? or is it "negotiable".

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    It’s negotiable.
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