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    I was wondering if anyone with a little more experience could recommed some "good" trading books that go a little bit beyond the basics. I've read a few basic books like "How to get started in EDAT" as well as a few classics like "Reminiscences....".

    I am looking for something that goes into a bit more detail and which especially focuses on the interdependent nature of all the aspects of the market, options, futures, bonds etc., how they effect each other and their influence on stocks.


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    The Visual Investor by John Murphy does a decent job of explaining intermarket relationships. He has a few others, but I did not find them as useful.

    I would highly recommend When To Buy/When to Sell/ The Nature of risk by Justin Mamis. A three book series.

    There are also several threads that make tons of good book recommendations so poke around here a little.
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    I don't think that one book will help you understand those relationships, completely. However, if you are really interested in the inter-relations of all markets you should send an email to Linda Raschke and see if she will do a session with you one on one, as a trader's coach. She is very knowledgeable and she trades most of the markets.

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    The Market Maker's Edge by Lukeman is one that should be part of the collection IMO. It's not the holy grail, but it certainly fills in some missing pieces.
  5. you think that book is really worth it for listed traders? Also, does it apply in the new world of the underbelly of the new economy?
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    What did you learn from this book that makes it a "part of the collection?"

    Just curious

  7. If you search, there are 2 threads - best books and worst books.