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    I found section for book reviews on this website and I think there are some great reviews.

    But it doesn't help me much. I would very much like to read a book that will have practical advice for beginners. I would like it to be advanced so that when I don't understand something I can go and research more elsewhere. It's ok if it is not written in a simple language.

    IS there such a book? Or am I out of luck?

    Any personal guidance is appreciated.
  2. What topic's are you interested in??
  3. DIma1223


    I am looking for something about day trading. How to analyze and when to sell, etc.

    Is that specific enough?
  4. Yes.

    If it were me, I would save my money for now, and check out some free stuff on the internet.

    Try this one.

    Oops! wrong one. Here it is.

    It's a yahoo group, so join, and read through the file section.
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    For some reason, this seems to have come up several times today.

    My highest recommendation is Winning the Mental Game on Wall Street by John Magee. Get it through your local library or through interbrary loan. Some/many/most/all find it lengthy and boring, but it's been the most important book on the markets I've ever read.
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    Hey! Thanks a lot, I will look into all those sources.
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    Not sure why this ended up in CC, moving it to resouces.
  8. I like Van Tharps Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom...

    and i (and that DB guy from phoenix:)) recommend Vad's Book on Tape Reading

    2 of the best i have seen...

    hope they help ya...




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