recognize “SUPER BOOK DLS TRADERS” from Bank/CC statements?

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    i dont know what the hell this is, it has been showing up on my bank statement every month for a really long time. I don’t even know who to contact to get my money back or cancel it, and my bank wont/cant give me contact info for the vendor.

    anyone recognize it?
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    Tell the bank to stop paying it? When the vendor squawks they will contact you maybe?
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  4. it sounds about right, but i've never bought anything from them...? maybe i bought something from someone else who goes through them like a proxy dealer or something... i've emailed their customer service... still dont know why they would be charging me monthly like i'm on a program or something. thanks for the tip
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    Marketing "scams" these days are unreal. You might go buy a new stainless steel refridge and get billed for a monthly charge for some subscription that was buried in the sales agreement .

    Another good one is free trial offers. They send you a trial and if you DO NOT jump through a bunch of hoops to CANCELL ......BEFORE a certain date just signed up few at least a year. .. :eek:

    Do not do free trials, pay cash. .. :)
  6. Hi,

    I'm an online bookseller, and "super book deals" is a sleazy UK-based online bookseller, although who knows if that's the company billing you.

    If the bill was an ACH-transfer then your bank should have been able to cancel it at your request. If they refuse, I would threaten to immediately close the bank account.

    Most likely it is a recurring payment tied to your credit/debit card. I handle these by requesting a new credit card number, and if the bank won't do that, just report it "lost" and they will quickly get you a new card. That clears out all the recurring-payment leeches.
  7. i heard that any "recurring payments" are automatically transfered to the new credit card number.
  8. I don't think so. The only reason they can charge you every month is because they have your card number and some record of you agreeing to the recurring payments. When you change your card number, they will still try to charge you but will fail since the number will be invalid. There is no way that your bank would give out your current credit card information to anyone just because they requested it.
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    You didn't authorize the debit and your bank won't give you contact info?

    Any unauthorized debit should be investigated by your bank.

    If what your saying is true , it is time to run from that bank.
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    I'm not sure about a debit card but if you report a credit card lost, likely they will give you a new one with the same numbers, it's just easier for them to do that.
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