Recliner chair for trading?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by innovest_11, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. Saw some of those recliners chair, very comfortable, but not so sure whether it is suitable for trading, I need to stare at screens but I don't have to click mouse all the time, can jus sit back and relax and look at charts, anyone use recliner for trading?
  2. I heard about this guy who used a milking stool.

    Yuppers, he had a large screen set up in his barn and would milk cows in between trades.
  3. You can use wifi hand motion detector device or projector wireless mouse pointer with 50" LED screen to trade from your recliner.
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    I saw a Lane recliner where the arms open up so u can put a remote or beverage.

    To have a full trading rig with recliner, that would be a sweet setup. :D
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    I've played around with two chairs that could be called recliners. One was something like a zero-gravity chair, and the other a well-padded reclined chaise. Loss of attentiveness is the downside of a recliner, as you are likely to move less and blood flow will be reduced. For now, I've settled on a very adjustable, reclinable higher-end office chair with memory foam pads (from Wal-Mart), plus a footstool. To offset the pooling of blood in the lower legs, I try to get in 1/2 hour a day in a pool or therapy pool.

    When I am rich and famous, I will have an above-ground hot tub in a room addition, with multiple monitors on an arm that swings over the tub, plus floating waterproof keyboard and mouse/pad. Probably will have to wear a life jacket, as falling asleep once in a while seems likely. I believe this setup will significantly reduce pooling of blood in the lower legs, and help maintain attentiveness.
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  7. I just put my laptop on my lap and recline. Some times I doze off, and just wake up and open an eye to check and doze back off.
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    Anyone trade from a hot tub?