Recession? We should be so lucky

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  1. If obama ends up in the white house it will be great depression II.

    Healthcare for all, protectionist policies for farmers in iowa, a droppping dollar w bernanke still at head of central bank, and higher taxes for the biggest rainmakers in the economy.

    Obama and bernanke is such a scary prospect...
  2. What most don't understand is that no matter WHO ends up in the White House: Globama, Billary, or McInsane, it makes no difference....
    Recession is here...and the extent to which is exacerbated is irrelevant..
    If the fuckin Feds would just let the recession happen already, we'll be much better off in 2012...

    Meantime, delaying the inevitable is the biggest financial issue we face..
  3. Treasuries are on the verge of bursting, the bubble needs to be passed on one more time before we see the real carnage. As I mentioned in another thread, I think the ultimate bubble to burst will be corporate debt. IOW pass the bubble on to Soverign Wealth Funds.
  4. Bernake and Paulson will be out the door ASAP. I hope he puts Ron Paul at the treasuary.

    Yes we will go through pain but 10 years from now my children will be better off and thats what I care about.
  5. And that's all that really matters...
  6. there already are protectionist policies for farmers
  7. What? Are you NUTS? Where did you ever get that idea?
  8. We can't have a recession, then wall street won't get 64 billion in bonus money like in 2007.

    That’s why the fed interferes in the markets, so wall street keeps making hugh money while American tax payers pay interest on all the free money wall street is getting.

    Print it and loan it to wall street for less than 1.00% then get the tax payers to pay interest on all that free money debt created.
  9. Plan old common since. No wait I got it from my mathematical model goldman sach sold me.
  10. Thats right our youth are the future for America.
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