Recession Short and sweet!! Really?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Bogan7, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. Not that I am too bothered about long term forecasts but the way so many people are quick to forecast a quick almost painless recession sounds very familar to early-mid 2007 in response to the sub prime issue.

    There everyone who wished to sound like they knew what was going on assured everyone who would listen that the subprime would be contained with little effect on the broader economy and look how that turned out.

    The current consensus is that Q1 and Q2 will be flat to slightly negative with the economy recovering Q3 I wonder how many of these experts have actually sat down and thought about this or are they simply spouting what the other guy said as they dont want to rock to message?

    It really stems from a short of Group Think mentality that the street tends to adopt and it is a weakness

  2. Have you noticed in the last 2 days when the market starts running up after putting a solid bottom, the talk of recession is virtually gone ?

    What happened to the looming doom and gloom, end of the world psychotic self induced depressive outbursts?

    Where are those liars and doomsday prophets that pummeled American public with baseless FEARS and rolled them over ?

    Lets see if you can stand on your hind legs which I might just shatter if I see any lies in your dirty mouths..
  3. So you didnt read my post then?