Recession Now Hits Jobs in Health Care

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  1. The other two "sacred cows", education jobs and government jobs. :cool:
  2. My wife is a university doc. She's looking at a reduction in salary... not because of doing less work, but because of lower "collection"... the university is also the hospital of the indigent and much of their patient load is of the Medicaid and other government-like sponsored insurance. Even when they get paid, it's usually $.30 (or less) on the dollar from government insurance sources... barely covers the hospital's out-of-pocket cost to provide the care.
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    No sector has been spared from the ongoing recession.
    Finance, Technology, Education, Health Care adn Public Services also.

    In Health Care layoffs are happening in Hospitals, Medical Centers, Blood Centers, Pharmaceuticals and many more places. is tracking all these layoffs sectorwise.
    Check it at :

    Also for other sectors you can find the layoffs at :