Recession is coming ? Take a hard look

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  1. This is an election year, people are getting spiffed and ready to elect themselves, hundreds of politicians. How would these people go out and stump in a recessionary climate? Republicans and White House would not let that happen, at least not in the election year, not a chance. White house even put forward a program to aid foreclosed mortgagees , would they let a recession and bear market scour their seats in Congress? Not a chance, none.

    Recessions have never been detected in America during election years, no matter what these economist can drum up and make you believe.

    All this talk is scare tactic by institutional powerhouses who manipulate stock markets up and down so you panic and sell and they load up and take you on a ride while you stand without your shirt on your back.
  2. Speaking of election, go Ron Paul! Give the country back to the people you #*@&$#%# and we wouldn't have these problems.
  3. Recession is a scary word and it is not here yet. Reality check please. Feds will start cutting rates like you won't believe (in an election years )if that is what you fear the most will come which will stirr the stock market to new heights.
  4. The stock market tanked in 2000, which was an election year.
  5. Keep dreaming. The recession is here, and you will read about it in the coming months.

  6. There was no recession. The housing market was on fire..
  7. dow testing 10,000 looks like a recession
  8. Maybe no recession, but all people here care about is which way the stock market goes.
  9. If the recession is here, Feds will start cutting rates. It won't be that you would not know about it in a election year.
  10. There is no recession; gold is on fire...
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