Recession in NYC?

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  1. Apparently not.

    "Went back to New York to be on Sean Hannity's Fox News show. It was a nice chance to see my daughter, my granddaughter and my son-in-law and take them around town.

    Those Wall Street wonders may share a big chunk of the blame for our financial collapse, but you can tell they aren't hurting.

    We went to Cipriani for dinner one night. The place was packed, and everyone was dressed to kill.

    And the bill pretty nearly killed me as well - $600 for five people, and no one was drinking.

    The next day at Nello's on the Upper East Side - another $600. For lunch!"

    Ravioli: $60. Pasta Bolognese: $48. It was staggering.

    I went out to the stores. They were all full.

    And there were no panic sales signs like you see here."

    - - - Willie Brown, former mayor of San Francisco
  2. Rising Latino star?

    Can someone point me to an American Latino politician who is a real conservative? I have yet to see one that isn't a crazed, hand-out obsessed liberal or RINO.

    Furthermore, here's a question I have -- We all know that African-Americans were oppressed through slavery. They keep asking for welfare and social programs because of the legacy of slavery. What I don't understand is why any of us owe Latinos anything. The Mexicans lost the wars with us. Why do these guys get disadvantaged minority status? I just don't get it

    I hate welfare, but if I were forced into choosing groups, I'd direct it to Native Americans first, then blacks, and then poor Appalachian whites. But Latinos? How did these people get slipped into the disadvantaged bucket?
  3. If Willie really knew what was going on, he'd realize this is an era of people trying to fake it till they make it, swimming naked, hoping they won't get caught.

    "The Cipriani family has lost its lease on the Rainbow Room restaurant in New York’s Rockefeller Center after failing to pay rent, the New York Times reported."

    "The family last week said it will close the Rainbow Grill, also on the 65th floor at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, citing the economic crisis and a lease dispute but said it will continue to operate the Rainbow Room for catered events, dinner and dancing, the Times reported."

    "Finding a new tenant by August might be difficult if Tishman Speyer hasn’t done so already, said the Restaurant Association’s Sampson.

    “I’d be surprised if you see a lot of people jump at that -- unless it’s somebody who’s got so much money and ego to want to say ‘I’m the owner of the Rainbow Room,’” he said. “In the long run, it may be a better thing for” the Ciprianis to be out.

    Customers are ‘Gone’

    That type of restaurant “depends on Wall Street business,” he said. “The parties, a lot of corporate gatherings they have -- they’re gone.”

    I wonder how long until Cipriani shuts down?

    Maybe no time soon, or maybe soon. I sure hope they own, and don't rent, the building Cipriani is in.
  4. Maybe that's why they are charging $48 for pasta. :D
  5. As a Yankee fan I will reserve my judgment of the NYC economy until I see how the two MLB teams do in their new ball parks.

    Personally, it is my view that the Yankees are the blue chip franchise of all sports franchises.

    And both bad management and the fact that Steinbrenner sired simpleton offspring has put the Yankees in a position to be baseball's version of Citigroup. Madonna's boy toy juicer is due 270 million over the next nine years which has to qualify as a toxic asset.

    2010 may see the Yankees looking for a Gubmint bailout, just like every other poorly managed big business in America is now doing.