Recent Webinar videos with Ken Calhoun, Barry Burns & Harry Boxer

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    I have concerns with Barry Burns:
    1. as far as I can tell he has not traded for 30 years - not a single live entry, no track record
    2. he holds a Doctorate in Hypnotherapy and is a certified Nuero Linguistic Practitioner. All you need is couple of hundred dollars and a mailing address for your official looking diploma.
    3. He is all vendor/no trader and has many sites:,,,,,,,, HowToTrade.Org
    4. 9 sites, fake PhD, no trading: imo not a top dog but more of a bottom dweller. Just saying.
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    At 5:31 into Barry's comments he stated the green candle with the overhead is a "rejection of value" when the value area could very well be below the closing price--no value area shown or referenced. There is no context about where the value area printed--above or below the close. He simply shows a bear squat candle with a narrow green close (open->close). I don't even know what that candle is called.

    OK, I know basically nothing about MP and what Barry stated was factually wrong/incomplete w.r.t. Market Profile.

    I didn't watch much. I randomly landed at five minutes into the video and stop at minute six.
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    He shares a brilliant tip re tape reading during roughly minute 15 to 30, eg filtering block trades.

    I've known Barry for years, I think overall his training is helpful.

    I'll be doing a lot more webinars with my colleagues; they are respected, eg Sosnoff, McMillan, Nison etc
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    it would be of value if you addressed my criticisms directly one by one please.
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  6. "Pretty Please with Sugar on Top".

    The actual, real life, "Mr. Wolf", commented a couple of comments above you...

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  7. CharlesS


    is a race-dog trainer a fraud
    if he/she has not personally competed in, and won,
    dog-races ?
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    nice question; let me see:

    1. Training dogs and training humans do not have the same legal standards of commerce.
    2. Training of human traders has claims of success, second income, financial independence; training of dogs would not have such claims.
    3. If a dog trainer has never won a race and states that limitation then fine - if not it is fraudulent misrepresentation; trade rooms do not state such limitations like they are not active traders, do not trade at all, have no track record and their educational materials have never been proven to work.
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  9. Dazz,

    good point comment
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    thank you.
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