Recent trading conditions of Nas vs NYSE

Discussion in 'Trading' started by cornholetrading, Jan 10, 2003.

  1. Has anyone else noticed the new leadership that the nasdaq market and stocks have taken since the last recent low. Some of the Nasdaq stocks seem to have come back to life compared to many of the S&P large caps. There seem to be expanded ranges again and some nice volatility. I had basically been a nasdaq trader up until 5 months ago when I switched over to trading NYSE stocks. The switch was great at the time, but things on the NYSE large caps seem to have been drying up compared to the opportunities of late in the nasdaq. Anyone else have any observations on this topic who have been trading mostly nasdaq stocks.
  2. Funny that you call the outperformance "leadership". I have noticed in the past few days that the NDX is suddenly a pretty good leading indicator for the S&P futures. Especially in sudden up moves.
  3. totally agree... if you watch closely, many times the naz has been leading the other two (unless i have an intermittent time lag). been thinking of trading the spyders off of the NAZ? the QQQS/NDX will be moving up and the last bar on the other 2 will still be read and then they turn up and follow th NAZ.

    been noticing that the reits, which i swing trade occassionally have not been particularly strong (weak). could be a result of potential tax elimination on other divvy stocks, or maybe folks are rotating into growth? i havent been checking the charts on reits closely, but ive been noticing they have NOT been cranking when the market has been moving - many just paid divvys so maybe thats part of it.
  4. yeah i agree cornhole. i'm back trading naz now, but i still make an effort to look for some nyse trades because i dont' wanna lose touch with the nyse 'feel'.