Recent Graduate....want to work as a trader

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  1. But to be realistic, the odds of becoming longterm self-supporting are still pretty long.
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  2. because you are a loser...

    if you can make 15k in the market and live off 10k(taxes :p ) the next year.. then you made it.

    most people would need more than that..
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  3. There are some who know what they are talking about, but most do not. This is wrong place to find support and kind remarks.

    The smarter you are in this business, the harder the process, initially. Because the smart ones think they have a leg up on all others. That is big trap. You have no edge for years. Takes one with huge desire, patienced, and tenacity, to complete the journey.
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  4. What markets do you wish to trade specifically, if any? I suggest the eminis. But, if job is offered for anything you find interesting, the world is a big place with room for more variation that ever imagined, in the financial markets. All markets can only do 3 things, go up,down, or sideways. All read the same. Stocks, commodities, whatever allows the learning process to go forward.
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  5. I think you mean Columbia. :p
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  6. I know the one guy (OTC something) was trying to ruffle some feathers, but by and large there is a lot of truth to it.

    Investment Banks (and top prop shops for that matter) often only go to and recruit from the top educational institutions. Fair or unfair, right or wrong, it doesn't matter... it's reality. It is rare for someone to get into a FO position if they aren't from these target schools. I've seen it happen, but usually it is due to some connection. Yes, occasionally a resume can make it through, but its usually the major exception to the rule.

    And NYU is a bad school? The have a pretty solid finance program and, as far as I know, Courant (their Math program) is not too shabby either. It is also located within NYC, location and alumni help a ton.
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  7. Surdo


    Please take 95% of what is posted on this site with a major grain of salt.

    Most members here have high school degrees at best, and are working on their Associates degree at a community college while living at home.

    NYU is a very good school with a strong alumni network.
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  8. Point taken, figured I'd clear the air.
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  9. Its UG is not Harvard/ yale/princeton or even Notre dame material. Their grad school is great, and their law school is 4 in the nation.
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  10. Have you gone through career services? You might want to target the smaller prop shops in Chicago area.
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