Recent Graduate looking for Prop Trading Opportunities in NYC area

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  1. Hello,

    I recently graduated from UConn in May 2011 with a BA in economics. I started going for my MS in Mathematics at Fairfield University this past spring. However, I'm looking to start a career in trading immediately. I was thinking about perhaps trying the prop shops. I do not have trading experience and would like to work for a firm that's willing to invest in an ambitious young person's education. I hear that Jane Street is the best, I'm not sure what other great companies are in the NYC area. The most important thing to me would be the education as I am raw talent and really want to learn how to do things the right way.
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    Sorry but from your background, Jane street won't hire you. You won't even get an interview for a trading position.

    Your best bet is smb capital. Approach them and see if they will hire you.
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    You should apply to all the true prop firms in the area, not ones which ask for deposits or the one that charge for training and go for it. Can't hurt. SMB is not a prop firm as far as I know, they are a training group for prop traders and make their money from charging for training.

    While your in school, I would view that as a last resort. There are very few traditional prop firms left in NY, most are in Chicago.

    Good luck, not an easy path.

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    Every time I heard a recent college graduate say this in an interview their resume ended in the garbage pile. Last thing I needed was someone who was that full of themselves.
  5. instead of learning "how to do things properly" try figuring them out yourself
  6. Thanks for saving me. I watched "Million Dollar Traders" and a guy said that who impressed the hedge fund manager. I interpreted this expression as someone who wanted to learn and was smart enough to learn. I guess not everybody sees it this way and I need to work on a better pitch. The confident/cocky line is a slippery slope. I'm not a know-it-all, I want to learn, and I am confident in my ability to learn. I expect it to be hard work and I want to work hard.
  7. background might get you that edge so you should try the private equity shops which might be found in Greenwich .
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    Leave it at "I am a recent graduate who really wants to learn trading and get in with a solid firm". Definitely check your ego at the door....

    Attitude will get you nowhere with the top trading firms. Guys who have made it there have worked their asses off.....they have no time for ego bs. If you bring an ego to a desk of guys who have been trading for a long time they will make your life miserable.
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    Stay away from believing anything you see on Million Dollar Traders or Wall Street Warriors. Those shows are scripted and full of clowns. Most of the dopes from those shows are probably out of the business. If people acted like that in real life on trading desks they would get launched out the window within minutes...

    Forget any "pitches" yourself. People who go into interviews with pitches can be seen through in minutes.
  10. > would like to work for a firm that's willing to invest in an ambitious young
    > person's education

    That would be your parents?

    AT the moment, why should ANYONE take YOU seriously compared to someone who has a private interest in trading and for example traded on the side during his education? It is not like most of the people that apply for jobs in this area are not having SOME kind of personal pre-experience.

    It is not like people are NOT lining up for ANY kind of job.

    > I do not have trading experience



    This is like someone applying for a job as.... trainee programmer and telling me he has no computer at home.

    In a time of simulators for free and USD 500 forex shops etc. "no trading experience" is "not interested in trading". And a LOT of people applying ARE (interested in trading)
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