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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by mesone732, Jan 19, 2007.

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    Hey, i am a recent college grad in NJ looking for a job in nyc in the financial industry. i graduated with a law and justice degree, but decided not to go into that field. I had an internship at NYMEX working with commodities but i did not wind up getting a full time position. I am very interested in trading but most of the offers i get are for prop firms which is fine but i am unsure of takng one of these offers for the fact that most of them require $5,000 deposit, and they have a training period (about 6 months) which i will not be paid for. I have student loans to pay, so 6 months of a job where there is no income is a tough situation.

    Does anybody know of any firms that have a salary while you train? and if i decide to stick it out and go the 6 months of no money is a career in this field very lucrative?

    thanks for you help
  2. from reading on this site trillium and opus seem to pay a salary but very little. You can find trillium through google, but no one seem to have any info on opus. Good luck and I would suggest researching on the industry before you jump in and also really find out if they have a formal training process not the typical sit next to a trader and "maybe" he'll be able to train you (not that he doesn't want to but some people are just much better at training/conveying ideas than others)
  3. also, in term of it being lucrative or not, search for the trader p&l in the forum, and you'll get an idea. But my advice is don't start trading thinking i'm going to make this amount of money. Just focus on making good trades and correcting bad habits.