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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by JWags, May 19, 2008.

  1. JWags


    Hey all,
    I just graduated a little over a week ago from a very good school with a decent GPA. Ive been trying to get into trading, as I know its what I would like to do. Everyone Ive spoken with has said I should look into trying to get on with a smaller prop firm in Chicago. Ive went through various avenues through recruitment at my school (Optiver, Peak6, Eagle7), but except for Optiver, it was basically terrible communication till the recruiter just basically severed contact.

    Now, graduated with only the job search in front of me, I am looking to change my focus and how I am going about pursuing a position. Ive looked at the Monsters and CareerBuilders with only limited response. I am perfectly happy trying to get a TA position, as it offers a great opportunity to learn. What advice to you all have for getting in contact and finding some of these openings? The only responses Ive gotten lately have been from the arcades where they want you to leverage in, and thats not a situation I am looking for.

    Thanks in advance and happy trading.
  2. Join a true prop firm that requires no capital outlay.
  3. Dobbes


    Chances are you are better off skipping most of the prop firms out there. Like the poster above said ignore all props that require capital outlay. Also ignore any props that charge you anything whatsoever. Some charge you an initial fee for 'training' instead of the capital outlay. Skip all firms like these. The only people who can survive in a place like this where you are charged desk fee, software fee, training fee, and commissions, while working under cramping risk management policies, are experienced traders who are looking for leverage.