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Discussion in 'Events' started by Baron, Jan 22, 2003.

  1. Baron

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    Sorry about the downtime we had today. There were technical nightmares (software related) on this end that had to be resolved.

    That's the first time in 4 years that we've had a major unplanned outage like that. I haven't heard the final word from my network guy, but hopefully things will stay smooth from here on out.

    Thanks for your patience. It's been one of those days. :(
  2. And just a couple of days ago we were discussing the benefits of having local hard/software vs. having the site hosted.

    Irony of ironies :D
  3. So sorry to hear about your troubles.

    Sometimes computers are such time-consuming labor-saving devices.

    Let us know if we need to "stay off" the system while you sort things out. It can't be easy trying to resurrect a network while being pummeled by millions of page view requests from desperate ETers.

    Hope ET feels better soon,
  4. bone


    I thought my virulent posts blew the damn thing up.
  5. Kind of strange, in that Interactive Brokers web site is down also. If things happen in threes, there must have been at least one other trading related web site down.
  6. this site is so special... that a little down time now and then is certainly acceptable! Of course if it happened for too long some of us might get withdrawal symptoms...

    Keep up the great work.

  7. I'm no tech expert, but that diagram you posted the other day about how ET operates may have been a cause of the probelm. Couldn't someone use that knowledge to disrupt the site? Maybe hack it or just plain make it so people can't log in?

    Just a thought,

  8. Baron, as an ex-computer guy, I completely sympathize. Thanks for a great site.
  9. let's hope it's Waxie...:D
  10. On Yahoo!'s front page, Richard Simmons was on about some health tip... that's probably why...

    Must killl Richard Simmons... Must kill Richard Simmons...
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