Recent college lost in the world of trading!

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Tuneman, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. Tuneman


    I just graduated from college with a degree in physics, and just recently (2 months out of college) realized that my strongest area of intrest is trading.

    I have no prior internships with any i-banks, or hedge funds, etc.. I am not totally without experience however, I have traded equities and options personally.

    Whats the best route to take to get into a trading job?

    I am in the process of applying to some i-banks to try to get into the entry-level analyst position, but haven't recived word yet.
  2. Use the fucking Search function of the website, first. Your topic is not a new one here.

  3. I don't see what's wrong with posting a new thread. There's not exactly a shortage of memory or anything. Everyone likes to have their own thread. . . I know I don't like to search as much as starting a new thread . .

    If you're going to take the time to direct posters to the Search function at least do it politely . . .

    As far as the thread goes . . .What kind of programming are you familiar with?
  4. Pekelo


    1. Typing this question into the searchfield at this site.

    or if you feel adventurous

    2. Maxing out of your (and your dad's) credit cards and opening a brokeraccount.
  5. bonds


    whats the purpose of posting this in such a manner?
  6. Because there is an almost identical thread like this every two days. You do not even have to use the search function, just click on "Career Trader" and you will see a thread just like this one, if not two or three, on the first page.

    What I am really trying to say to the thread starter is: Nothing personal, but you are a dime a dozen. So why pretend like you are not and ask for personal attention. Use the search or just browse, you will get much more info that way. Plus, if you can realize that you are just one in a group of many, that may change your perspective on trading.
  7. Agree with Bonds, here. What threads are actually original, bringing new topics ? Very few. So if we do not like some of them, we can move to another one. The aggressiveness of many ET members always fascinates me. Probably a way to vent out the frustration of trading.
  8. Oh man!

    I just chanced on this thread and I see these cats are be'in real harsh with ya.

    See the thing is, everything they've learned has usually cost'em a pretty penny, and maybe even a dime, so they expects folks to come to the table a bit proatictively, instead of just showing up and saying Here I am!, OK, now school me.

    There's a ton of info on the site, use any of the key words that you mentioned as a start this weekend, and I'd also read anything written by the professionals, they tend to be kinda nice 'n friendly (so long as you show'em the proper respects).

    Best Regards (and good luck with that goal there).

    Jimmy Jam
  9. Probably a better idea than taking it out on the significant other. NO DINNER FOR YOU :D
  10. This is the case with the internet generally. Most people are much colder than they show in person. Those who are truly nice people, most much less frequently than pricks who have an innate desire to flame. So, in that regard, it's a sample selection effect.
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