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    So like many on here i tried to trade e minis with like 2.5k i think it was and lost 1k just due to the fact that trading under capitalized is extremely difficult. It took me -1k to figure out i need to get a then trade. So you can search my name and find the thread i started a few years ago and laugh. I did haha.

    Anyway, i just graduated with a degree in economics and am finding it very difficult to get a job as a financial analyst because i don't have an extensive accounting background. I got offers from banks but those were for "personal banker" aka salesman.

    So my plan is to study for the CFA level I test in December full time since i don't have a job yet. I'm paying 100% of it out of pocket so i have incentive to work my broke ass off.

    If anyone has any experience taking the CFA level I and then applying to jobs i'd love to hear about it and any other pointers you have.

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  2. Financial analyst and CFA are different career paths.
  3. What's your location. I see plenty of finance careers in Chicago & Florida regions but I imagine anything surrounding New York is in complete armageddon due to the massive layoffs on Wall Street.
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    I live in Michigan and as you may guess it's pretty much dead here. I want to pursue the CFA to open doors for me. My career path is to eventually trade for a living. And i understand a CFA does not improve trading and is essentially worthless however in the real world degrees and certifications are essential in the pursuit of a decent job. I think if i can work my ass off and pass the level I the first try i can get my resume to the top of the pile and hopefully get a job. The quicker i get a job the quicker i can save to trade on my own.