Reccomend a NASDAQ live trading chat

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  1. Looking for something geared to daytraders with live commentary and setups - small/reasonable fee ok. Quality and consistency please - I have found several that turned out to be nothing more than sales pitches for expensive and dubious systems. \

    BTW - I'm a beginner and want to follow live NASDAQ trades/set-ups to learn the mkt.
  2. mirc on the othernet #pitstock its free.
  3. There are no shortcuts to learning this business and very few consistently profitable traders who will share their secrets with just anybody. If you're serious, try to find an honest prop firm with a good mentor who will take you under his wing. That's already a tall order, but good luck!
  4. I'm in the same boat--green and looking for a good chat room. I'm thinking of trying; although, a few people on this board don't advise it. According to a few, they trade fast moving naz stocks intraday. They don't give reasons for set ups and no exits. They just bring stocks to your attention, but from the best I can tell, they knock down the points. If I can just make a little money while learning, then it's a-okay. It looks like they have a daytrading coach in the room too. $75 a month, it's worth a shot. I'm going to give the free trail a try and I'll update you with my results and feelings about the room.

    Good Luck,
  5. Scalping,

    We are always interested in hearing about folks' experiences using various services.

    Keep us posted..

    good luck
  6. Thanks Tony - that's exactly how I look at it.
  7. Have you ever used them?
  8. OOH! maybe tradewinds...

    but they'll just tell you about their exits when they make $$$

    you'll take nothing with you when you leave nor will you learn anything while you're there...

    ...and supposedly they were one of the "better" chat rooms...

    i was there but i gained little for my time..

    OOH! bung released more info about hisself...

    but this was a long time ago when bung was just a newbie

    and now he knows that people who employ sound methodoliges and can still make money are exceedingly rare and probably will not sell their methodologies to complete strangers

  9. #activetrader at othernet on irc. or or something, forgot what the actual address is.
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