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  1. I'm still looking into trading Eurostoxx and the Dax..

    Anyone have a recomendation on a charting software that offers these.. and if so.. can you supply the symbol for each if you have it..

    I don't need anything fancy.. I use Candles, and exponential movg. avg. and stochastics. thats it.. don't need anything else...

    I'm currently looking at futuresource.. but I'm not sure I like the format of the charts.. the candles seem to have a shadow or something that makes them look a little unclear..

    thanks for any help..
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    We use CQG as our charting platform because it is very reliable...but it is about 500-600/month. I suppose you could use any package such as tradestation, or e-signal...but CQG has been great!

    We use it for CME, NASDAQ, EUREX, CBOT, NYSE.

    There is a list of symbols on CQG at link below:

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    eSignal has a good pricing structure with their Eurex data... in the past the data used to lag during certain market hours but those problems should be solved by next week. There are also german data vendors such as Tai-Pan, B.I.S., Tenfore and several others. Eurex data is also available on Real Tick... Well those are all the lower priced data vendors that come to my mind. If you use a statelite and you are located in europe then tenfore would be the way to go...
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    Get Sierracharts with IB's data feed. Very good and inexpensive
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    Sierra charts is a good choice for those, if you need historical feed, not just receiving data when connected to IB, mytrack is good for about $65 mo. including eurex. Symbols for mytrack feed are: DAX, AX`U , sept contract
    EUROSTXX50, FE`U, sept contract
    SP emini, ES`U
    ndx mini, NQ`U
    dow mini, Q`U
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    Actually, Real Tick does not have Eurex data yet. I think DTNIQ/IQ feed is another inexpensive Eurex feed, around $90/month. I heard it's a fraction of a second slower than esignal, if that matters to you.
  7. I think the data vendor itself is not that important if you have use market depth to trade. Sure, you'll need it if you use some broker's propreitary execution program...

    Usually, charts and data vendor stuff are for charts to get grasp the trend and/or swing of the market...

    Real-time reliable price information comes from the book...

    Well... that's what I think looking at myself and others who trade real-time direct access...

    Also, Stoxx and DAX is starting to move like ES and NQ... they consolidate and move... consolidate then move... just like moving in stairsteps...

    The trendiness is dimishing... I would say it is very much like NQ but a little lighter...
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    Here is the email I sent to support and the reply. If Eurex data is available on Realtick, how do you get it? I would really like to know, because I have Realtick for free from the place I'm trading with and would like to take a look at Eurex stuff to trade on my own. This would allow me to not have to pay for seperate software for Eurex quotes.

    Do I need a seperate data provider (other than Townsend) for the Eurex quotes that is compatible with the Realtick platform? Do you know of one?

    Seems like you have to open a trading account with the company in the like you provided to get Eurex data from them. I don't want a broker that uses Realtick, just the data.

    Problem Description:
    Do you have Eurex data available (DAX, Eurostoxx, Bund, etc.)?

    If so, what are the symbols?

    Eurex data is not yet available in RealTick.

    Jasmine Davila - Townsend Analytics Ltd.
  10. mytrack (TrackData) has Eurex, but there is a major
    drawdown: the data is not tick-by-tick, it appears
    to me like a 2-second snapshot, you will not get all ticks
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