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  1. I'm not sure how to spell that word I just made up, but since I made it up I will spell it how I want.

    Basically I am talking about creating another Bubble in the economy. The Federal Gov. and the Federal Reserve plus the internet/Infotech/Telecom craze created the last bubble.

    How will the next bubble be created?

    -Democracy and free market economies breaking out around the world, including places like the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

    -growth of the middle class in populous countries like India and China ( about half the people in the world )

    -A recovery in Japan, they won't stay down forever.

    -Loose monetary policy in the U.S.

    -New technologies looming on the horizon ( biotech, nanotech, "the hydrogen economy", etc.

    -continuation and expansion of Global Fee Trade

  2. Well, we're still firmly in two bubbles here in the U.S., the real estate bubble, and most ominously, the credit bubble. Neither have yet burst. Check out the book Conquer the Crash by Robert Prechter, which if you follow Elliott Wave analysis, beautifully illustrates the rise and fall of economies and bubbles.

    Where will the next bubble form over time? Probably China, which is poised to be the next economic powerhouse of the world in the new century. They're trying to learn from history, though, by buying up gold to keep the Yuan on a gold standard and not go the fiat currency route. We'll see.
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  4. i've heard about nanotech, big companies like IBM are putting lots of money into it.
  5. I like the word "rebbleization", so I'm posting to this thread again.

    basically, we are in the process of getting pumped up, its obvious if you look at all the markets except the dollar.

    in 1999 most people , at least in the back of their minds, knew we were overvalued. But it didn't matter, we rode it. We are hitting the same sort of situation here.