Rebound coming soon

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  1. There is not enough compressed downside volume. The volume is weak and the SPX and DIA chart doesn't show enough intra-day compression. I suspect there will be a huge surge in a an hour or so. Good time to go long now if you're a daytrader or whatever. Cover any short profit now.
  2. Thanks for the sage advise. You are the only person worth listening to on this entire site.
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  4. Nice 60 point rebound on dow...
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    Hi everybody,

    I'm posting from Paris in France and would like to know what's your time now. May be strange but I saw your posts with following date and time.
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  6. Looks like the dow is gonna close green today. Only down 60 points for an intraday gain of 100 points. I don't fail.
  7. it was a good call and if you were a respected member i'd chalk it up to skill, but since you are a cheerleader, it can only be chalked up to pure luck.

  8. Knew this was another thread by the king of losing money just by reading the Topic title :D
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    now its the time to take profit...

    we r going lower from 2.30 till 4.00
  10. Nasdaq down 2%, S&P down 1.4%. Who really measures any performance by the dow? Ah nevermind.
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