Rebels asks Obama to bomb now as dam is cracking.

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  1. <B>Syrian Rebel Commander Idris Slams Putin as a ‘Terrorist’
    In an interview with TIME, Syria's top rebel commander lashes out at Moscow, pleads for U.S. help</B>

    By Jay Newton-Small Sept. 10, 2013

    Although Idris is battling Assad’s forces on the ground, his fury was mainly directed toward Assad’s patrons in Moscow. The Russians “are trying now to find a solution for the regime,” he said, warning that “it is very important … not to be deceived [by] the Russians. They are liars. President Putin is a terrorist. He is a liar. He is lying. He is killing the Syrian people with Russian[-supplied] air jets and Russian tanks. They are killing our people since two and a half years. We can’t trust them, and we can’t trust in Bashar and believe in President Putin. The two are criminals and liars. Excuse me, please, but this is the reality.”

    Idris also raised a new issue, describing his concern about a Euphrates River dam that Assad’s forces apparently damaged in air strikes on Sept. 7.

    “The air strike was a little bit away from the dam, but people were afraid because they have noticed some cracks in the dam,” al-Hussein said. <B>“The cracks are not serious, but we are afraid that the regime may repeat the strikes, then we will be seriously threatened in Raqqa … .”

    Idris said he asked the U.S. ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, on Monday to warn the Obama Administration about the threat, adding that “this is more dangerous than the chemical-weapons attack.”</B>

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    Who can take these people seriously?:confused:
  2. What's lost in all this is what will the Rebel response be? They don't really have a seat at the table, but they do have a weapon or two, and they pretty much don't give a shit who they kill. They also have the CIA giving them aid and weapons. Obama and Kerry pretty much just threw them under the bus to appease Putin, who has been a master chess player in this game.
    The rebels, now more desperate than ever...just what do we expect them to do? Lay down and die? I don't think that is how this plays out. Expect them to take it up a notch or two in the how ulgy can we get end of things. We ain't seen nothing yet far as atrocities go.
  3. They will probably just gas themselves.....again.
  4. The rebels main complaint seems to be how unfair it is of the Syrian government to fight back.

    I guess they expected someone to pull the rug out from under Assad like we did Mubarek. It looks like having Russia as your ally is a better bet for dictators than trusting the US.
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    Same rebels who have now sided with all of those folks who hate our infidel guts? It don't work that way. See OBL...Russia vs. Afghanistan. Might find it in the dictionary under "blowback".