Rebecca Darst........

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  1. needs to lay off the caffeine. Whew! Smart girl, but she could talk a buzzard off a gut wagon.
  2. Lucrum


    I've thought exactly the same thing many times. You would think some of her buddies would politely mention it to her.
  3. I still like watching her. She's has to be top drawer, or she couldn't get on TV.

    I'm sure she's teased mercilessly about it, Certainly separates her from the rest.
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    Pictures? Who is she?

    You have to listen to it to understand. She doesn't listen. She 'waits'. Watch the expression on her face as Burnett frames a scripted question. I don't even know what the hell she's talking about. Not that I don't understand options. I was a principal. I just watch her and marvel that a woman can talk that fast. She's like a sprinter waiting for the starter pistol.

    And I have to tell you. I wait for her spots. I love watching her. We need to start a fan club.
  6. seadog


    Ahhh! The options girl. How much coffee does she drink to get to that hyperness? Or is it nerves?
    What a buzz.
  7. If we could get her to pose for Playboy, she could be , Ms. September 05 strike.

    That's funny right there. You don't think that's funny, you need to go to Yahoo Chat.
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    I don't do options any more but if I did Darst and that bald guy with the pony tail would probably be worth listening to.
  9. She speaks a mile-a-minute and is super hyper - - - but very knowledgeable.

    Anyone interested in trading options needs to focus on "implied volatility" vs "
    historic volatility". If you don't, you can wind-up overpaying for an option because it was all pumped-up with "vol". Even with a corresponding move in the underlying equity, you could very well still be left "holding the bag".

    She highlights that, and that's a GOOD thing.

  10. Arnie


    Yes. She's a mile ahead of them. You can tell she is almost imptient waiting for them to finish the damn question.

    Can you imagine Dillion Ratigan asking her a question?
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