REBCO Discount

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bigbuck, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. bigbuck


    Im not entirely certain that this is the right place to find out what i want to know, but having had a good look through these forums im fairly confident that there will be someone here that will be able to help.
    Fairly simple question really. What do people mean when they ask for a discount of $x on REBCO or D2?
    We work directly with russian manufacturers and have had massive success in selling their cement but they have now asked us to start working with their oil products, so im just trying to do a little reseach before i start to make enquiries-on various sites ive found requests for the aforementioned products and all of them are asking for a discount.
    Would i be right in thinking that they are asking for a discount on the current market price?
    Thought it best to research properly instead of jumping in and not knowing what im talking about.

    Cheers in advance