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  1. I need a recommendation for a firm that can keep a connection.

    And a firm that is going to stand by their technology. If you're getting connectivity problems firm-wide for days at a time fix it. If you can't fix it then compensate people for the problem.

    Please don't ask me what firm I'm with now. I'm not bashing anyone, just trying to find someone with reliable connections.

    If that is impossible then I need a retail direct access recommendation. Cybertrader is one that has been highly recommended.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. FWIW, the Goldman "RediPlus" platform rarely experiences system wide problems....I have to say that most of the minor glitches come from the individuals connectivity or even an office problem (rare). A few years back we experienced some problems, but very few since Goldman took over.

    They have added redundant servers over the last couple of years, and we are pretty happy.

  3. Don,

    Do you still require new traders to pay for "bootcamp" prior to trading? If yes, no reason to go on to the next question.

    What would you do if REDI was down for two days in a row? Are you going to compensate me or rebate any software fees?

  4. Actually make that three in a row :-(
  5. Sounds like you're in the same boat as me. Sucks doesn't it?

    I know it hurts the firm too b/c obviously if nobody can trade then the firm isn't making money. Invest in quality technology. I was at 2 major brokerage houses for 5 years I honestly think we lost our data/order entry maybe 5 times in 5 years. And a few of those were b/c of problems in our building. So it IS possible.
  6. Does that mean a newbie who loses money all the time has to pay the firm?
  7. As always, boot camp is simply an option for those who want/need to speed up their learning curve, and/or be involved in private mentoring (as so many do).

    We obviously have many successful traders who migrate from other firm's who just dive in...heck, we have people whom I've never met.

    If Redi was down for two days in a row, we all (as in the entire trading world) would have a lot more to worry about that a couple of days of missed opportunities. You are kidding about 2 days straight, right?

    All the best,

  8. You missed question #2. :)
  9. I edited it in before you put this up. If, in some bizarro world, you can get Cox cable to reimburse me for an average daily earnings when/if the cable went down, then you please let me know how. Or the NYSE to reimburse me when SIAC goes down, not going to happen. You simply go with the best you can find, set up some redundancy (which we obviously have), and go for it.

    Again, "you're kidding about 2 straight days, right?" That would really freak me out.

    Call me if you want, I'm pretty sure we've spoken before. 702.739.1393.

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    which frim is this?
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